Embrace the power of active ingredients


Our Philosophy

We are proud to say that Neuronica has been born out of years of passionate research into the character of molecular skin changes.

Driven by the need to create top quality products to enhance women’s beauty, our  R & D team have created a comprehensive line of molecular cosmetics.

Neuronica’s creams, serum and balm are not traditional cosmetics, but rather special treatments giving a therapeutic effect and a viable alternative to aesthetic procedures.



The Neuronica Matrixyl Line is based on the extraordinary effect of lipopeptides, which provide the skin with a strong, visible and perceptible boost similar to Botox and facelift treatments.

Neuronica activates the natural processes of skin regeneration, simulating the proliferation of new cells and the creation of collagen, elastin and proteoglycans, leading to the total alteration of tissues, and reinforcing and increasing skin thickness.

The skin becomes thicker, firmer, more elastic and smoother. In a word, rejuvenated.


Procollagen, from the group of repair and restructuring peptides on the skin. Palmar GHK and Pal-GQPR, which stimulate the synthesis of 6 major dermal matrix molecules and skin and epidermal connective tissues: collagen I, III, IV, fibronectin, hyaluronic acid and laminin 5. Removes damage to the skin due to ageing and has strong anti-wrinkle and firming properties. Finally, it suppresses the skin’s protuberances and smooths wrinkles from the centre by rebuilding the skin where it is needed.


A lipopeptide belonging to the group of neuropeptides – active substances that affect the nerve endings located in the skin, influencing dependent reactions. Calmosensine reduces the frequency of muscle contractions and induces a relaxing effect on the neuro-muscular connection. As a result, the reduction in muscle tone leads to preventing the appearance of wrinkles and mimic lines.


An extract from Nannochloropsis ocultata microalgae, rich in vitamin C and B12, and polysaccharide composition. It works strongly on the skin, providing not only immediate tension but also ensuring it remains long-lastingly firm. It protects the fibroblasts from oxidative stress, stimulates their proliferation and firms by helping to synthesise collagen I.


skin ageing process
Skin ageing is a process which occurs minute by minute, every day. That is why slowing it down must take place continually, by: elimination of the signs of ageing, real-time intensification of skin protection, and preventive actions which allow skin damage to be delayed and alleviated.
Although it is a natural process which accompanies us for our whole life (chronological ageing), there are many external factors which speed up and deepen the process (extrinsic ageing). These factors include excessive exposure to UV light (which causes photoageing of the skin), air pollution, dry or frosty air, and improper skin care.