Skin ageing mechanism

Skin ageing is a process which occurs minute by minute, every day. That is why slowing it down must take place continually, within different plans: elimination of the signs of ageing, real-time intensification of skin protection, and preventive actions which allow skin damage to be delayed and alleviated.

Ageing of the skin is a natural process which accompanies us for our whole life (chronological ageing), but there are many external factors which speed up and deepen the process (extrinsic ageing). These factors include excess exposure to UV light (which causes photoageing of the skin), air pollution, dry or frosty air, and improper skin care.

Skin, over the years, loses its elasticity and healthy appearance, wrinkles and oval face changes. These changes are due, inter alia, to the declining reserves of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin, and the degeneration of fibroblasts, attacked by free radicals. There are also disorders of the melanogenesis process leading to abnormal pigmentation – visible discoloration. Muscles disappear and become more flabby, fatty tissue moves – face loses its shape and appearance.

Neuronica has been designed to meet the highest standards, therefore, it implements a number of important assumptions:

  • Efficiency – thanks to the use of advanced world-class technologies and innovative active substances
  • Ability – achieved through the use of bio-integrated ingredients with the skin¬†Intensification of action – possible with high concentrations and synergic action of the highest quality ingredients of cosmetic formulas
  • Sequential – skin improvement is gradual and at two-levels: as a flash effect – immediate and selective action and prolonged process – involving deep and long-lasting structural changes at the level of the epidermis and dermis.
  • Complementarity – products designed to complement each other and result in increased effects.

With optimized formulas and the latest scientific developments, Neuronica facial and body preparations have become synonymous with innovation and breakthrough in modern specialist skin care cosmetics.